Chris Santiago

U.S. Marine, Financial Analyst, Non-Profit Director and Business Analyst

A former Marine, Chris served with 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines out of Camp Lejeune, NC, deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa from 2003-2007. He left a full, academic scholarship to serve his country, but later earned a BS in Finance.

In September of 2006, Chris was injured at the end of a night patrol extraction, when an I.E.D. detonated underneath him as he re-entered his combat outpost. He is a Purple Heart recipient and has received several other recognitions for conduct under fire.

Chris is a principal financial analyst at Capital One. He works with the bank’s financial innovation team to deepen analytical capabilities through development and implementation of automation models, machine learning models and deep learning methods.

He serves as the Treasurer and on the Board of Directors for 100 Entrepreneurs Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and assisting returning veterans pursue their entrepreneurial and business dreams.

Chris also works with Mindful Profits, offering coaching and consulting to entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them set business goals and forecast revenue, budgets and profitability to meet their personal and financial objectives.

Chris has a Master of Science in Finance from The Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School, and is pursuing a Master of Science in Analytics at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

He is a native of West Virginia.